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    I am having a problem when I am using the Extended network. I have recently upgraded to Lyr's .141 / 5.0 hybrid. When on the Verizon network I am able to view youtube vids and connect to Tetherberry. When on the extended network these things don't work. When I do a *228 option 1 youtube and tetherberry work fine. After a day or two they both quit working again. After they quit working I do a *228 option 1 and they work all over again.

    When I do a reset using quick pull the Phone flashes a message about 911 and says it's step 1 of 5 and then it resets. Every time the phone starts back up it asks if it's OK to enable the SIM card for GSM roaming.

    I'm really at a loss for what to do now, other than a reactivation every day or so.

    Edit: I have been having this problem since before I installed the new OS.

    OH YEAH! Feel free to add me to BB Messenger... That is if you can see my PIN.
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