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    Dear world,
    I am describing the situation related to BB and specific carrier (VIPnet Vodafone) in the country where I am living and working (Croatia). I am changing my old Samsung z400 for a Blackberry Storm 2, or at least I have an option to do so, but it depends on the opinion I may receive from respectable members of this forum :-)

    I just simply want to keep the same subscription plan from old Samsung z400 to BB..., my plan include certain duration of calls and certain amount of data traffic..., and, this is important, I use the Samsung device and corresponding data traffic as a modem for my mobile netbook internet browsing, when I am sitting in WiFi-less bars drinking coffee or beer .
    I do not use BIS service, nor I do need it..., logically, it is Samsung :-)

    What I am planning with new BB Storm? I am regular Gmail user, and I will use Gmail app for checking mail, Google Sync for calendar syncing, GMaps for GPS locating and Opera Mobile for web browsing. I did and I am stil doing the similar with my old BB Pearl which is on another network, Croatian T-com..., and it work perfectly with Opera Mini, and it works without BIS...

    Now I want BB on another network, VIPnet Vodafone, too.

    Respective lady at VIPnet Vodafone customer service tells me that it won't work..., that I do need to activate BIS in order to being able to browse... she tells that BIS is associated to BB browser on the phone and BIS flat-rate counts only in BB browser. My logic says that BIS is useless if I am using Storm 2 as a modem..., I still need a kind of data plan behind BIS service..., this is ridiculous!

    I think what they tell about web browsing and BIS service is just a marketing trick. Or the lady I was talking to simply does not know the knowledge! Yes, it sounds nice to have BIS flat rate!, but if I am not able to use BIS flat rate if I use phone as a modem, it seems useless..., I will not, and probably there are few people in the world, who would download 1GB+ files on BB device. That's why I think BIS flat rate is just a marketing trick.

    Devices like Storm or Bold just should allow web browsing using browsers other than proprietary BB browser, or there are some tricks related to carriers??? I am not sure..., I don't know

    Please, tell me your opinion, I would appreciate it very very much!


    If somebody ask me why I want BB device without BIS, one of the reasons is that I just like usability of entire device..., menu organization, blinking diode, leather pouch and robustness and durability of hardware. etc.
    07-26-10 11:32 AM