1. thedude666's Avatar
    Let me know if this is a dumb question, but I have myself kind of worried now. Does my time browsing the web count against my minutes allowed under my contract? I have been on the we a lot and now I'm afraid my bill is going to be really high.
    12-13-08 05:02 PM
  2. hokiesteph's Avatar
    No browsing counts as data use age which is separate from your minutes allowance.

    You'd have to check your contract, but odds are you got unlimited data for $30/month if you're w Verizon.

    Oh - and BB messenger and email fall under data too....BBM doesn't count as texts!

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    12-13-08 05:09 PM
  3. thedude666's Avatar
    thanks for the quick response. that's what i thought would be the case but thought id double check before i went crazy on the ole internet
    12-13-08 05:18 PM
  4. Vsp1140's Avatar
    Surf away... you've got 5gb worth of data to use.. You'll never see 1gb let alone 5.
    12-13-08 05:20 PM