1. jim165's Avatar
    Is anyone having a problem with the WB icon on the homescreen not updating correctly? Sometimes when i turn the phone from portrait to landscape and back, the default WB icon appears (no clouds, sun, rain, etc. just the 'bug'), but the correct temp and hi/lo temp will appear. Other times, it shows the previous event's condition, but flipping it to landscape, it'll show the current condition. I've tried removing and reinstalling, but the same results occur after a couple of days. Anyone else having this problem and have a solution?
    02-19-09 05:06 PM
  2. joski's Avatar
    I've found that when I press back this happens. I always assume that its because it registers as me holding the back button down, which closes applications.

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    02-19-09 05:14 PM
  3. l.marshall117's Avatar
    i had the same problem but i changed the update interval to 15 min from 30 and it cleared up
    02-19-09 07:21 PM