1. phantommullet4's Avatar
    I just got a Verizon bb9550 on Friday. Tonight the screen stopped responding. The send, end, bb, and back button work but not the screen. My last phone had water damage unbeknown to me, so I'm wondering if I somehow got my new phone wet or if it's just a glitch that requires a warranty replacement; new products have bugs after all. So my question is, what is the wdi sticker on the Storm2 supposed to look like (not indicating damage)? And what is it supposed to look like when it has been damaged? I've seen all this talk about entirely pink stickers being bad news and white stickers with red stripes or x's being the norm, but I don't think this info is in regards to the 9550. Next to the contacts on my battery, there's a completely white sticker; no pink at all, no stripes or x's. Just above the "made in Mexico" sticker on the device, there's the same entirely white sticker. Did I get my phone wet? The earliest I can go into a VZ store is Tuesday. I'm going to leave the battery out till then and see if I can get it working. So, what are the wdi stickers supposed to look like on these Storm2's?
    05-10-10 02:59 AM
  2. Sanch0's Avatar
    All white is fine. You don't want it to look red or pink, thats bad.
    05-10-10 03:02 AM
  3. phantommullet4's Avatar
    Should I bother with "a bag of rice"? Or should I just leave the battery out till Tuesday, try it before heading to the store, then attempt to get a warranty replacement if it still doesn't function?
    05-10-10 03:11 AM