11-25-08 07:36 PM
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  1. synapse7's Avatar
    This might have already been said, but if you are in Messages or SMS and MMS and hit the blackberry key, you can select "View Folder". This brings up a list of folders:

    - Browser Messages
    - Missed Calls
    - MMS Inbox
    - MMS Outbox
    - Phone Call Logs
    - SMS Inbox
    - SMS Outbox
    - SMS SIM Card Inbox
    - WAP Push Messages

    Not sure if it is exactly what you were looking for...
    11-23-08 04:24 PM
  2. xan8470's Avatar
    I think I figured out a solution to viewing just your sent e-mails:

    1) Go into Messages, your e-mail inbox, or your SMS/MMS inbox (easiest to do it in your e-mail inbox if you want to view sent e-mails)
    2) Press the BlackBerry menu button
    3) Select "Search"
    4) Ensure that in the "Service" option your e-mail address is chosen
    5) Set the Show option to just "Sent"
    6) Click the magnifying glass at the bottom to begin the search
    11-23-08 04:52 PM
  3. r-white2601's Avatar
    Re Verizontroll's alt+o method (above), can the shortcut be "set" by the user via editing the search shortcut (like what can be done on the Pearl ie you can set any search you want and assign it to any key. The "o" is just the preset default I think)?

    Then you can set various search shortucts anyway you want. I use this a lot on the Pearl to see sent emails and SMS and want to make sure it's possible on the Storm. I can't see from this discusion if that is the case.
    11-25-08 07:32 PM
  4. r-white2601's Avatar
    The search shortcuts are available when you are messages


    Then the various shortcut searches come up - are they there in the Storm?

    Then hit Menu/edit and change the folders searched, the name, the shortcu letter etc

    Can anyone confirm that all that is possible ?
    11-25-08 07:36 PM
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