1. adam10586's Avatar
    Ive had my storm for right about two months and just recently I've encountered two problems:

    1. Two small bands of like these multi colored dots have appeared out of no where on my phone and they cant be scratches. You cant really tell unless you're on a white screen or watching movies.Annoying none the less

    2. I use my video recorder a lot and about a week ago the display went from fullscreen to a smaller box like it would look in MMS mode but slightly bigger (its not in mms mode btw) I havent installed any apps or any leaked OS. This problem right here gets under my skin.

    The question I have does anyone know if this might be easily take care of through my warranty or am I gonna have to actually pay some money. I know I wont actually know until I call but I just wanted to hear some opinions before hand.. maybe pump me up to deal with these customer service jerks. haha

    02-27-09 05:06 PM
  2. senglandVZW's Avatar
    As long as there is no physical/water damage on your equipment, your phone should have a standard 1 year mfg. warrant on it. I would suggest you backup your information using Desktop Manager and do a hard reset prior to calling because 9 times out of 10 they will ask you to do this before any device is sent to you.
    02-27-09 05:11 PM