07-28-10 05:26 PM
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  1. i7guy's Avatar
    Really is that the best you could come up with?
    Well to answer your question Yes it does, itís called Google Talk. Itís 1/3 the size of BBM, with it I can talk to folks on other BB, Apple, Android, Mac, PC, Linux. And when Iím on my PC, I can continue talking to those same folks since my contact list is synced across platforms. It has cloud backup ability so I can archive conversations to my mail account as well.

    You do bring up a good point, a lot of features are based on preference but a lot of features are not. Anybody that keeps an open mind

    Itís also true that Fanboys are delusion and full if denial. It always amazing me folks would rather deny or downplay features and products that are truly superior. The sad part is your even more zealot than Apple Fan boys. Iíve seen plenty of reviews, who are hard core Apple iPhone users, who have rated that Drod X and Evo are just as good or even better than the iPhone. Yet you sit here and claim it did not ďimpressĒ you. That is hard core denial.
    I love my Storm 1. Itís served me well and was a great phone, but the OS and the phone are dated, and pretending that the phone is just as good makes no sense.
    I played with a Droid for a good while at the store I didn't like it one bit. If I ever switched smartphone platforms it would be to an iphone on ATT. But if I switched it would not be because the iphone is better at anything, it would be for a change of pace.

    So I am not actually sure why I am in denial (according to your post) that for me my S2 is better than any DROID.

    (Posted via tethered S2)
    07-28-10 11:14 AM
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    By order of usage..........

    1. sms (heavy heavy usage)
    2. phone (very lite usage)
    3. alarm
    4. games (potty time/waiting in line)
    5. bbm (only have 1 contact)
    6. gps
    7. misc apps

    My S2 does these perfectly. When I went over to the (Him)Iphone for a whole 24 hours, it just didn't cut it AT ALL.

    But I'll be jumping ship for the slider because I'm on AT&Ts network and would like to take full advantage of 3G.
    I'm actually looking forward to the slider...sucks its GSM only.
    07-28-10 11:30 AM
  3. theegoldenone's Avatar
    I'm actually looking forward to the slider...sucks its GSM only.
    Interesting. What are the drawbacks of being GSM only?
    07-28-10 05:26 PM
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