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    Alright so here is the situation.

    My family had a shareplan on verizon with the 5 of them on it, and when it was time for me to get a phone, I was put on a individual line since the max for a shareplan is 5. Since I am the primary line of a plan at $59.99 or higher, I am allowed an early upgrade (one every 1 year, at the expense of $20). In July, I used my dad's upgrade to buy my curve. My 1 year upgrade mark is here, but no storm. My mom gave up her upgrade looong ago and is now in need of a new phone. She was wanting to use my upgrade to get one, but the one she wanted is only about $20 more on ebay so there would be no point to waste my 2 yr contract discount on it.

    Once my upgrade is used, we are going to switch me from the individual plan over to the open spot on their shareplan (since my brother switched to ATT) and they are going to switch their family plan to the one with unlimited messaging for the whole family to anyone on any network. Obviously, we're paying quite a bit more to have me on the individual plan that it would to have me on the open spot on the shareplan. Also, we are getting a 22% access discount off my $59.99, so that is a factor.

    Is it worth it to keep paying more monthly while waiting for the storm to release to see if I like it enough to use my upgrade on, or should I just let someone else use my upgrade, switch over to the new plan and continue using my curve?

    Thanks for reading and evaluating,
    10-01-08 11:08 PM
  2. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    You have a month, maybe two before the Storm releases.
    10-01-08 11:13 PM
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    Two!! Come on Civic, quit playing with my emotions!! Let's keep our fingers crossed for the Nov 1-3 time frame. If this thing isn't released until Dec, this forum will EXPLODE!!

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    10-02-08 06:36 AM
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    Right, but that month might cost me $30-40 just to WAIT for a phone to see if I like it.
    10-02-08 12:36 PM