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    At 12:54 PST, I received an email from Blackberry, notifying me that the new update was out for my Storm and to click the link to get it. I realized that this was earlier than expected, but happily clicked anyway, anxious to get beyond the .75 that I still had. Here's my experience:

    1. Connected to RIM site and clicked on the "Check for Updates" button. So far, so good.
    2. After a few moments, my App Loader popped up, informing me that my BES phone could not be updated and referred me to my IT manager.
    3. Problem here, I'm self employed, I am my OWN IT manager and I have a BIS phone!
    4. Four tries, two freezes of my Internet Explorer and 1 computer reboot later, I gave up.
    5. 1:45 PM. I called VZW. 15 minutes on the phone with tech support ("oh, really? huh, that is weird....") Iasked to be transferred to BB Tech support. She complied.
    6. 30 minutes on the phone with a BB Level 1 tech support person yielded no progress. I was then sent to a Level 2 Tech person.
    7. 2:20 PM: Now on with my Level 2 guy. Again, he walked me through the same process. Again, I was notified that my BES device could not be upgraded and to speak with my IT person.
    8. Two more freezes with Internet Explorer, only this time, I could not close the App Loader, no matter what I did. Ctrl+Alt+Delete and the Task Manager could not close it either, so had to simply power the computer off (I hate doing that) and yet another computer reboot.
    9. Level 2 guy has me wipe the phone completely (after backing everything up and I had already backed up 3rd party apps yesterday). Has me reconnect to the BB website and again, my BES device ...blah,blah.....
    10. We mess around some more, he has me download .75 to reinstall. Long times, a couple of reboots and I'm up and running again (Level 2 guy abandoned me after the install started, gave me a phone number and case number. At one point, we both took a pee break, it was taking so long).
    11. Phone is now running and I check some stuff and discover that I now have .148! Yeah!
    12. Reinstall of numerous apps and 3rd party stuff. Some did not work and had to re-download, re-register/update some programs.
    13. Email would not set up correctly. Another call to VZW and a resend of Service Books, etc. and that was fixed.
    13. 4:34 PM: I'm finshed. Lawn did not get mowed, missed lunch, errands not completed, etc.

    Ya' gotta just love it. I called my best friend to verify that the phone was working. When I told him about my day, he just busted out laughing and said "My $29.00 phone is working just fine and I've never had to do anything!"

    :::sigh:::: Gottaloveit.

    I should point out that everyone was very polite
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    Sounds like an eventful day.
    05-31-09 11:15 PM
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