1. mindchatter's Avatar
    So I called VZW today to talk about a few concerns.. one of which was that every time I try to access VZ Navigator I get a messege telling me I am not authorized,,,bla.. The rep told me that BB's can not purchase the VZN for 24hrs at 3.00, we can only subscribe to it for 10 a month...kinda sucks!
    12-26-08 08:29 PM
  2. jh4for5's Avatar
    Yeah. You have to pay $10.00 for it. There's no way to get it for free. Garmin is worth the $70 a year if you need turn by turn directions or the internal GPS for the Storm works great w/ Googlemaps and the BB Maps program. Also you could try Nav4All that is a free application that gives you turn by turn also. I've never used it. Try google-ing it or if you can find Spotmark on here - I think he likes that program.
    12-26-08 08:37 PM
  3. SeattleGrace's Avatar
    I had Navigator for quite awhile, but when I had to drive from New Jersey to Washington, I decided a Garmin would probably be a better idea. I didn't mind the $10/mon, I was using it alllll the time.
    12-26-08 08:41 PM
  4. plasticberry's Avatar
    Nz nav is one of the best app for the storm. Not even bb's own
    Browser works as well as the vznav. Garmin or others do not include
    Traffic info and the feature cost extra.

    nzvav works better on the Storm than my 8830 it has very touchflow/apple-esque feel to it.
    No other bb apple that's out now has this type of ui experience.

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    12-29-08 01:32 AM
  5. Jesson's Avatar
    I use VZNav all da time and don't mind da $10 per month. I like da other features it has like traffic info, weather, and movies. I think it's worth da $10 a month.
    12-29-08 11:01 AM
  6. DoctorNeutron's Avatar
    VZ Navigator is about two things: Verizon very wide coverage and its AWESOME traffic display !

    Doctor Neutron
    01-25-09 09:46 PM