1. SoCracked's Avatar
    Before i upgraded to .85 I didn't hae this problem.

    Looks like i can't save any voice notes. They dont appear in the list. GRR!!!
    01-18-09 11:04 AM
  2. cgdoc519's Avatar
    I'm getting the same issue in .86 as well. Its a known bug from what I have read.

    For a fix in .85 check this out.

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    01-18-09 11:10 AM
  3. gsingh201's Avatar
    same for me as well...I recorded a conversation with someone that i knew because she was high as **** lol...but anyways when the conversation was over I started to look for the voice note and nothing was there...and i just tried it two more times..and yet it fails again
    01-18-09 11:26 AM
  4. wmscottmc's Avatar
    The voice notes are recorded and saved (as long as you saved them after recording). open media, select explore, then media card, blackberry, voicenotes.

    I have this bug in .86, and also had it in .83
    01-18-09 01:03 PM