1. RappAlarm's Avatar
    Does anyone have any voice quality issues with the storm? Compared to my curve the voice quality sounds like Cr#p...

    12-05-08 04:34 PM
  2. Terminatorbob's Avatar
    Yes. Mine sounds bad compared to my dare. I think my speakers r busted.

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    12-05-08 04:40 PM
  3. atkinsr's Avatar
    It's absolute crap. I was astounded at just how poor it is. How can this be called a business device when you can't even conduct a phone call on it?

    I picked up a $10 virgin mobile pre-paid phone at radioshack a few weeks ago. absolute POS... looks like something from 10 years ago, but even IT sounds better. The only phone I've ever had that sounded close to this bad was when Alltel bought 360 here in NC and the whole digital network thing was *just* starting out. It was close to this crappy, but I think this phone wins (loses - it's worse).

    I'm praying this gets fixed, but I don't know how much it can be improved. I'm guessing these days with all the functionality built in, the cell phone is little more than a chip and we are stuck with it.
    12-05-08 05:29 PM
  4. RappAlarm's Avatar
    I hope it is fixable. When I called Verizon Tech Support she aknowledged how bad I sound and she said that she has spoken to a lot of Storm owners and this is the first she heard with such bad voice quality. She wants to replace it but it will be with a, "like new" device. This thing is 4 days old, I don't want a, "like new" one. I want a new one... Torn. Contemplating just returning it for my curve then coming back to Storm after they have worked out bugs. I paid $500 for this thing (wasn't eligible for an upgrade). Im cool working through typing bugs, but, voice quality is tough to sacrifice on. My Curve had crystal clear voice. Uggh..
    12-05-08 05:49 PM