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    We have two Storms, mine and my wife's (thanks to that recent Verizon promotion where if you buy a Storm, you can get another one free). Both are on the same software (.75). Mine works great. On hers, though, Visual Voicemail is being funky.

    She says when she goes into it, she gets the Uncaught Exception error, like was detailed in another thread. Unfortunately, she's already set to Content Protection Disabled.

    Furthermore, whenever she listens to a voicemail, the thing sends her an SMS message. I asked her what was in it, and she said a bunch of numbers. I havent' seen it myself because she's in Reno and I'm in San Jose on business.

    Anybody have any idea what's causing this? It's surprising since we're both on the same software revision, and mine's fine.

    Oh... where can we find out when Verizon releases new software updates for these things? I keep hearing about a big new update "in a couple of weeks" and am wondering.


    02-20-09 10:08 PM