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    I would like to see a password for a gmail account associated with a Blackberry Storm2, on the same Blackberry Storm2. The password has already been entered and emails can be sent and received from this account.

    Back story:

    I know this request may sound a bit shady so I thought I'd fill you in on my reasons..

    My Mom has a BlackBerry Storm2 and uses it to access her personal gmail account. The problem is that she no longer remembers the password for her account. All attempts to reset her password and/or recover her account through Google have failed (because she cannot remember her past passwords). The only option I can think of is viewing her current password on her Storm2. When I look at her mail settings on her phone the password is blank. I don't know if I am looking in the right area, but I have only found one area to set up connection info for her gmail account on her phone.

    Here is the my Google Help Forum post:

    Password Recovery email? - Gmail Help
    10-16-10 10:20 PM
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    There is no way to do it unfortunately. Sorry!

    This is why I suggest users store their passwords in the Password keeper. Like that, you only have to remember the password for the password keeper and that's all.

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    10-17-10 11:58 AM