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    Try this if you are using Vista. Open Windows movie maker.. Upload Video you want into it. Drag to story board at the bottom left. Click Publish movie button at top center.. Connect BB. Open Desk top BB Manager. Click on Media. Click Start under Media Manager. Once it opens click on Manage Videos. Now Click on the Start Button on windows vista and go to your my documents tab and find the folder your windows movie maker published your video to.. Usually "Videos". Once you find it Click and Drag it into the Roxio video manager screen to the bottom section and drop it.. Let it load.. Unplug
    BB . Click on media on your BB. Click on Videos . Click on the one video you just loaded and BAM.. If this does not work for ya then you are a ******.. lol... Prob a s big a ****** as me for putting on these extended directions...LOL... I dont know what all type formats this will work for. I do know vista has trouble with mp4 so thats why I drag everything into windows movie maker and it converts it so vista plays it well. All videos I have tried this with open up on the storm in full screen..

    11-26-08 08:06 AM