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    So when I was in .75 I opened a topic about my phone playing ringtones when in vibrate mode. I was told make a custom "vibrate" for the phone...it worked fine for a week and it started ringing again.

    Now I have .132 (another thing members told me to do to fix the issue) and now I just had my phone vibrate and it made the ringtone sound.

    It was playing ringtones for calls, but I didn't it would start with sms also.

    I like the phone, but it's starting to disappoint me so much.

    I love so many things about the phone, but in the end it's not practical at all.

    How is it possible for this phone to be used for business? You're sitting in a meeting and someone sends you an sms, you silence it first time...second time people look at you...someone calls you and it still makes noise what do you do shut off the phone?

    This thing is annoying me.
    05-26-09 11:36 PM
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    Civic posted this in another thread... read through it and do what she suggests towards the bottom of the quote...

    I don't know what to tell you. The only thing I can tell you is that I don't have this problem and that the people I have personally run into that had this perticular issue were INCORRECTLY setting their sound profiles. It's obvious that the sound profiles changes in 4.7 are different then what people are used to on older handsets. That being said, a lot of Storm owners were trying to still use them as they did before and that's simply not the case anymore. The only thing I can guarantee you is that if you set the profiles correctly, you won't have an issue (as long as you're not on .7x OS versions). You honestly don't even need to create a custom profile. To set a ringtone for everyone, just do so through Media Player. To set individual ringtones, set them through your Address Book, by editing the contact and assigning the specific ringtones to them. DON'T DO IT THROUGH THE PROFILE CHANGER. The only time you should use Contact Ringtone option in Profiles is if you're wanting to delete an entry off (like if you're wanting to set a contact back to normal profile sounds and want to wipe their custom ringer setting.) RIM has recommendations on fixing the Sound Profile usage via many options, but it's been my viewpoint that they don't plan on doing that anytime soon. So, until that happens, use this process and it'll work just fine. Just remember one thing... if your profiles are fubar right now from you messing with them too much, chances are good, that's the root of your problem. You'll need to wipe the sound profiles databases through Backup/Restore Advanced in order to revert back to default and start with a clean slate.
    05-26-09 11:53 PM
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    media player, as in the media player in the phone?

    I don't understand what I need to do. I do mess around with my profiles at times...but it's such a challenge to make things work properly.
    05-27-09 12:13 AM