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    While in Florida on vacation (30 days ago), I shopped for the Storm but express my concern if the Storm would work in Oklahoma City since Verizon network is not yet available in this area, thus I would be roaming. They suggested to try the phone for 30 days, use a temp phone number they would assign from Florida, so in case it didn't work I wouldn't have to worry about porting my number back again. Sounded fair enough to me.

    Well, I got back to OKC 2 weeks ago and have been testing everything out. Pretty good roaming service and only 2 dropped calls. I was willing to live with that because I loved the phone so much. So, I decided to keep the phone.

    Called to port my number...and after 20 minutes for their trying, they came back and told me they couldn't because I was not in a Verizon network area. Told me I'd have to return the phone a Verizon store...90 miles away. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem. However, due to ICE STORMS across the state for the next 2 days, that kind of travel would be foolish. So...I might be stuck with a phone that the only phone number I can get assigned is with a different area code. That is going to really SUCK!

    So beware if you are buying in OKC. MAKE SURE your phone number will work!
    01-26-09 11:52 AM
  2. asmallchild's Avatar

    Why would you care what area coda your phone has?
    01-26-09 12:36 PM
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    That sucks, sounds like the store in Florida fed you a line of bull just so you'd buy a phone. Vz uses Sprint's network when roaming in OK, and I find the coverage pretty spotty when visiting family out there (I'm from Norman).

    Personally, I'd see if Vz will unlock your SIM card and then see how well the phone works in GSM mode with AT&T.
    01-26-09 12:59 PM
  4. scustred's Avatar

    Why would you care what area coda your phone has?
    I have had the same number for over 12 years. All my contacts have this number, and it was a special sequenced number. I don't want to lose the number, so changing phone numbers is not an option. If they will unlock the number without a penalty, I'd be okay with that. But I sense that will be unlikely.

    Talked to the rep from Florida, where he texted me that he was going to try to sort things out. But when he started asking for my Sprint Account number, passwords and Social Security Number, I started getting an uneasy feeling. Still waiting to talk to him in person to see what he says and why he would need to SSN.
    01-26-09 03:10 PM
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    Do you have Alltel in your area? If so you might be OK in a few months as VZW just bought them, and THEY may have towers and/or service in your area. The combining of the companies is not complete, BUT perhaps when it is you can switch numbers at that point.

    I suggest you speak further on this with VZW Corporate via the support line rather than the store in Florida. .....

    Customer Service
    Dial *611 from your cell phone
    (800) 922-0204
    Monday-Sunday 6am-11pm
    01-26-09 03:33 PM