1. enilm's Avatar
    I currently have a family shared plan with 2 extra lines. Mine line is the primary line which I recently got a curve about four months ago, so I'm not eligible for an upgrade. So what I did was order the Storm under one of my secondary line so I can get the 2 year pricing. I ordered it online at the verizon website.

    I've heard mixed feelings on the following questions. When I get the storm on Monday, can I just activate it on my line? Or do I have to activate the phone on the other line first and then on mine. Some people say I can just activate it on my line at once, but others say that I have to activate it on the other line for 24 hours and then switch.
    11-21-08 06:02 PM
  2. ThaqAtaq313's Avatar
    activate it on the original then switch it to yours......for at least 24 hours........you can do it!
    11-21-08 06:06 PM