1. shroutr's Avatar
    My wife and I both have Storm2s which we are obviously running on Verizon Wireless.

    We have the same official operating system (.713) and each have some apps. I tend to have more apps so she actually has a little bit more memory.

    Lately she's been complaining that her phone has been running really slow loading up websites. I did a little side-by-side test with our blackberries.

    I did the same search on the google mobile app (for Adam Sandler) and clicked on the wikipedia link at the exact same time. Mine launched the browser, loaded the wiki page and was completely done before her browser even stopped showing the word "blackberry".

    She also consistently has a lower quality signal (by using the Quick Launch "Device Info" option I can easily see signal strength on both of our phones).

    So, my question is, what is causing her blackberry to have a lower quality signal than mine when we are in the same exact location, on the same network, running the same O.S., etc.?

    Thanks for your help.
    08-14-10 06:45 AM
  2. 2xJ's Avatar
    You can test download speeds using Fixmo Tools, they have a built in program called "Speed Test." Sometimes I'm surprised at how slow VZW's 3G can be.

    I've also experienced similar problems, my father's Storm2 (which he uses mainly for voice and doesn't have many apps) loads pages considerably faster than my Storm2, which gets daily usage of voice, data, etc. Same settings, virtually identical phones.
    08-16-10 09:03 AM
  3. ben0727's Avatar
    I was completely taken back how udderly slow the phone gets with just a couple of apps. With the phone empty leaving about 143 mbs. I'm only down to 121 and boot up time and browser etc are just a huge leap. Wish it wasn't so.

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    08-18-10 06:53 AM
  4. scotts9219's Avatar
    I've been noticing a lot of download speed issues, too. I'll have to look into my Apps and dump what I don't need.
    08-18-10 04:57 PM