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    (third attempt)

    It seems my S2 is most snappy ( both screen and os in general ) right after an os reload ( like ooak's 832v2 which run great. thanks ooak ), and I was wondering if others might speculate whether it's the newly revised files themselves that cause it to be snappier, or simply the reloading of the OS and clearing of some hidden cached data.

    I wonder if there is data that isn't cleared by a battery pull - files like log files, caches, or other learned behavior that might slow down the screen's input over time. Because, my s2 always seems to be the most responsive and snappy right after a software reload. For example, with a battery pull in a car, the car's computers have to relearn throttle position, transmission shift patterns, fuel mixtures, driving style, etc, and always seem to feel different for awhile after a until the weighted averages are learned over time. And I'm wondering if the S2 is like that after an OS reload.

    I'm hoping cx, ooak or lyricidal might chime in.
    07-24-10 10:07 AM
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    Copy and pasted from your double post, to your tripple post!

    I would guess it is at it's fastest because you haven't loaded all your appz and data back on yet. The screen might be hardware, but it is software controlled.

    I would also speculate that the code that controls the clicking of the screen is based in the sfi file. So hybrids will have no effect as the sfi remains unchanged.

    (I don't know enough to state that as a fact though)
    07-24-10 10:26 AM
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    Copy and pasted from your double post, to your tripple post!
    :-D Sorry about that. My Vzn connection timed out during my first post, so I clicked again to submit, then viola, two posts, so I go to modify the second one, and mods or software removed the first one, so now we're here...
    07-24-10 10:35 AM
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    Its because when you reload the OS, the installed applications are fresh and haven't downloaded any content yet. After you've started using the phone for a few days though, all of the applications have downloaded their cache, etc, which bogs the phone down a bit. Hence why it starts to slow down.

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    07-24-10 10:44 AM
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    Have you tried adjusting the phone's Flux Capacitor?

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    07-24-10 11:29 AM
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    My phone is low with memory after installing so many apps, yesterday for the very first time in nearly 6 months, i launch engaget apps and it hang my phone. No choice but to battery pull. wahahahaa.
    07-24-10 11:45 AM