1. hahler2's Avatar
    I got my Storm on order today (one of the lucky ones to call in this morning). I will have to wait til Monday morning before I get it but I got in at least so I'm happy. Anyway. Does anyone know if the Missing Sync will work with the Storm? I'm a hardcore Mac guy and would really like to be able to sync my contacts and calenders.
    11-21-08 05:09 PM
  2. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    Don't quote me on it, but I don't believe it works with either Missing Sync, nor Pocket Mac (yet).

    Also, welcome to CB, but in the future, please use the search. there have been several different threads like this already.
    11-21-08 05:11 PM
  3. dmbguitar's Avatar
    Missing Sync will work with the Storm ... I did it earlier. $40 though ... BB is coming out with Media Sync for mac very shortly though ...
    11-21-08 05:11 PM
  4. Adjei's Avatar
    It's so frustrating for us Mac users who have Blackberries, RIM have left us in the dark.
    11-21-08 05:12 PM
  5. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    It is. But, I believe that RIM is coming out with Mac software, Q1 2009.
    11-21-08 05:13 PM
  6. paa79594's Avatar
    My problem is my phone is contactless. i just need one sync to at least get them in but i cant... any solution other than throwing down $40 for missing sync?
    11-21-08 05:25 PM
  7. anon(1254132)'s Avatar
    Go back to VZW and have them transfer your phonebook.
    11-21-08 05:26 PM
  8. rls1400's Avatar
    This really pisses me off.... luckily I do have a Windows computer here for work, but none of my Limewire music is on there. Ah well.
    11-21-08 05:27 PM
  9. jvh23's Avatar
    Google Sync...get your contacts into a gmail account and you should be good to go.

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    11-21-08 05:37 PM