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    After a couple of weeks using the Bold, my old Verizon account rep called me and offered me a $300 credit and a discount on a Storm, if I return to Verizon. So I decided to try out the Storm again, since I hate AT&T's network and customer service. When I received the Storm, I right away remembered exactly why I left Verizon and returned my original Storm. The light leaking from spaces between the buttons and the screen, screen clicking issues, and of course the laggy OS that takes 20 seconds to answer a call. I tried and I tried to make myself love the device, but I could not. I ended up returning the device and losing all the money and discounts that Verizon offered, not to mention a superior network. I wish Verizon had a next generation BlackBerry device rather than just the Storm. Well I guess I am back to using my Bold.

    This feels a little backwards to me.
    Bad Device = Good Network
    Great Device=Bad Network
    01-20-09 09:58 PM
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    might want to change the device listed under your name

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    Device Model: 9530 (Storm)
    Carrier: Verizon
    01-20-09 10:04 PM
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    it might be a lil late now, but did you either bother updating the os ?
    01-20-09 10:04 PM
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    Are you saying that you had other bad experiences from other hardware from Verizon which pushed you to ATT?

    What savings did you expect with a $300 discount? Or were you hoping to profit?

    Maybe I should temporarily switch to another carrier. Hmm...

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    01-20-09 10:09 PM
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    That's too bad. A good running Storm is equally as good as a good running Bold. Perhaps more fun b/c of the bigger screen. I have both, love my Storm. Love my Bold too but AT&T sucks.
    01-20-09 10:09 PM
  6. Xverhoeven's Avatar
    Sh#t happens, some have more luck than others... but generally I see less people having problems with their 9500...
    01-20-09 10:53 PM