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    Well first off I want to thank those who answered my upgrade questions.
    My experience; I did it through desktop mgr.
    I was unable to delete the old os before the upgrade.
    But what appeared to happen was the the upgrade deleted the
    old os before it installed the new one.
    All seems to be working well; from portrait to landscape seems to be quicker.
    I did delete help bb maps and a couple of other programs before the up grade.
    Before the upgrade when I did a batt pull I my app mem would 41.
    After the upgrade my app mem after pull is 46.
    The browser loads like greased lightnin.
    I will keep u posted if anything happens.
    But I did back up my device from day one.
    Do that of course before u do anything.
    12-16-08 08:57 PM
  2. TrendyProfessional1's Avatar
    One thing I am noticing after my upgrade is this. I put a bucnch of progs in my apps folder. When I open that folder it pops; wow
    12-16-08 09:02 PM