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    i really wanna up grade from .75 to the lastest leaked os..i am pretty confident i can do this.the only problem i fear is that after it is complete somethings like my brower and other things may not show up..this would mean i would have to sit home today and try to fix these problems..i have 2 questions to ask..how many people had to replace things that did not show up on the new os( browser email and whatever else).and can i add my third party apps after i feel the new os is working well on my phone.i already did a back up of all my stuff and the third party apps...can you point me to a thread that will help me add my third party apps to my phone...remember that i am not asking how to back up my third party apps i am asking how do i add them to my phone thru dm..maybe you guys can convince me to upgrade..i am also very skeptical of doing this because my .75 is pretty damn solid..i have never had my phone reboot on me .not even once..and my battery life is nothing short of awesome..these are 2 changes that would make me regret changing..the phone can be laggy from time to time but i really think i could live with it..i wanna upgrade because i like to have the lastest and best..thanks for reading my nonsense..any suggestions would be nice
    03-28-09 12:34 PM
  2. xxfire's Avatar
    Go read the beta OS fourm...
    You'll find lots of suggestions there...
    .103 user here and loving it.
    03-28-09 12:36 PM
  3. bobr68's Avatar
    if you follow the directions at the top of the forum...it works like a charm. There is even a link on how to backup and restore all of you applications. You may need to enter registration codes for some programs but no biggie. As far as a missing browser...it's common but all you need to do is re-register your blackberry under the options-->advanced-->host routing table and then menu for register. You then may need a battery pull....

    Finally....enjoy the benefits. I recommend .113....seems stable and fast.
    03-28-09 01:00 PM
  4. blueskyjunkie's Avatar
    Missing browser is no big deal. Just follow bobs advice. You add third party apps through the app loader by clicking you Alx file.

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    03-28-09 01:03 PM
  5. riot1002's Avatar
    thanks for the helpful answers
    03-28-09 02:20 PM
  6. skoobdawg's Avatar
    I've done 4 OS upgrades as they've come out and I only lost a browser once, but as mentioned above, if you lose anything there's instructions to help you get it back. Overall the process can take a little while but it's pretty easy.
    03-28-09 02:42 PM
  7. collin16's Avatar
    Any problems you might encounter will take all of about 8 seconds to resolve. This phone was ment to be updated and its so simple and easy. .113 is worlds beyond .75! i think you will like it
    03-28-09 03:03 PM