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    I posted earlier about being unable to charge my device.. so I decided maybe i would try updating it via USB connection.. it got through the first 2 stages fine.. but on the 3rd stage it says "Apllication Loader was unable to connect with your device. Please re-connect your device, enter the password if required, and click Retry" Since this error popped up my screen is on, with all white, a battery and a cross through the battery, the red light is NOT on, does anyone have any feedback?
    07-04-10 04:46 PM
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    ^ bump .
    07-05-10 11:10 AM
  3. Thachoc1's Avatar
    I saw this happen on my storm once. I'll admit I was being a bit impatient, but try to let the phone sit on the charger for awhile. Simply the battery had completely discharged (gone dead). Plugging it in, waiting a few minutes, then checking it just wouldn't work. You actually need to let it sit for a while. My apologies for not reading your post from earlier, but if you haven't already tried this, its def. worth a shot. Good luck.
    07-06-10 04:51 PM