1. JAAMEZz's Avatar
    hey folks,
    just updated to the 5.0 vs. 1st time it messed up and i had to redo the update. it did back up the old info, the new vs is installed and i lost all the info; contacts, files, everything.... i found the back up file but have dont have a program to run it? i looked in other threads along this line and they're from a year ago..... i saw one that was referring to "DM" not sure what this is..... please help...
    05-13-10 10:41 PM
  2. lotzakritters's Avatar
    Its BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

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    05-13-10 10:52 PM
  3. JAAMEZz's Avatar
    LOL right after i posted i figrd it out... ok so ive now got the dm installed, im able to acess the backup. question now is, is it possible to just get the contacts back? or is it possible to restore to the old vs, copy all the stuff i want to have and then REinstall the new vs and THEN copy back the files?
    05-13-10 11:25 PM
  4. JAAMEZz's Avatar
    and again i think i found what i need right after.....
    stay tuned for pre-emptive posts to follow...
    05-13-10 11:27 PM
  5. popimp315's Avatar
    Crackberry is here for you my friend...we all need help sometimes
    05-14-10 12:06 AM