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    I don't know if I missed a post or wheter it is new but while we're updating to .106 and .103: you'd better also get build 50 of desktop manager 4.7 from RIMs website. Most likely it'll be improved. Most of us will have 4.7 build 32 or maybe even still use DM 4.6

    Sorry if its been posted already, but in light of the update and possible issues arising with it, I guess updating to 4.7 build .50 is a wise thing to do. Especially since some of us couldn't backup the device anymore, also not when cleaning memory, deleting messages, cleaning cache etc.

    Lets see how the storm performs now.....
    02-11-09 06:13 PM
  2. markdental's Avatar
    Updating now. Looks like this has been out since November, but I had no idea.

    Thanks for the heads up...
    02-11-09 06:24 PM
  3. anon(34771)'s Avatar
    Interesting...Im using build .25 (Sept 19 2008)
    02-11-09 06:29 PM
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    Yeah, that is what it says. But I have downloaded it before when I hit the .90 problems on the 9500 and I installed that one last. Just checked and it was build 32. So this definately hasn't been on there since november. At least... I can't imagine.
    02-11-09 06:30 PM
  5. altezzaboy03's Avatar
    Strange. I had to install BB DM on my new hard drive today and didn't see build 50. I only saw build .32

    Good find op!
    02-11-09 06:31 PM
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    Good times.... Too bad its 0.32 here.... Need to go to sleep. Installing the full multi dm with mediamanager and then installing the update AND backing up and flashing the phone AND restoring it... Oh boy, that's gonna be 2 hours on an aspire one... LOL

    I'll skip the update for now on all fronts. It is downloaded though.

    Everyone on the other side of the sea: have fun with .103 and DM4.7b50 tonight!

    Curious to see how h*ll has burst open tomorrow morning when I wake up LOL
    02-11-09 06:33 PM
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    Strange. I had to install BB DM on my new hard drive today and didn't see build 50. I only saw build .32

    Good find op!
    See! That's what I mean! I was already starting to doubt myself just now.

    Anyone else thinks its a coincidence that these leaks happened today AND an update to build .50 is on the official RIM site all of a sudden?

    How so not officially leaked
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    02-11-09 06:34 PM
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    can anyone give the direct site to just go to it
    02-11-09 06:35 PM
  9. markdental's Avatar
    Here it is for the United States

    You will just need to hit the "Download" Button then put in your information and pick the right version and you are good to go...
    02-11-09 06:38 PM
  10. TheMisses's Avatar
    Goto BlackBerry and enter worldwide on the top right. Then click software/download, bottom left click desktop software for pc or mac if you use that one, then select the DM4.7 in the drop down list and click continue.

    Don't know... You might need to fill in a form too the first time you go there.

    This is from the top of my head so... But you'll see when you get there. Its easy enough. Really.
    02-11-09 06:39 PM
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    hahaha, ehr... what mark said
    02-11-09 06:40 PM
  12. TheMisses's Avatar
    Hmmm... I don't know...

    I installed it. Then installed .106 and when I asked it to run the DM when the installation was done, BEFORE that happened, a screen came up stating that the system had to be rebooted due to changes made to the DM.

    I wonder if anybody else have had this happen to them?

    Also when I checked the version of DM in help -> about, it said build 32. So I'm reinstalling the full package now again and not reinstalling the .106 software to see what happens with the build number.

    Maybe someone forgot to change the build number in .50.... would be stupid, but hey... we've seen worse :-)
    02-11-09 07:02 PM
  13. markdental's Avatar
    I also got build 32 after installing.
    02-11-09 07:08 PM
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    Oke, found it.
    The release notes state that it does not concern a new build but a new Bundle which helps fix some issues and there is also a very long list of known issues with bundle 50. Interesting to read though.

    And some issues fixed as compared to Bundle 32

    Edit: fixes or not: still not able to back up messages from the device (went from 275 to 119 messages after cleaning up the messages. I purged the deleted items folder, cleared cache and cleared memory. Battery pull. No luck. Also not with this bundle. I'm going to sleep, try my luck with DM 4.6 tomorrow and then, if the backup works I'll goto .106 and back to 4.7. Otherwise I cannot take the risk of upgrading. Kind of a bummer on top of this fun happening.

    Still though, for some it will definately worth the update to B.50.

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    02-11-09 07:10 PM
  15. altezzaboy03's Avatar
    Downloaded again and it still says .32
    02-11-09 07:57 PM
  16. BBCrackman's Avatar
    I had been running build 50 since December 29th so its been out a while, however I uninstalled it and went back to 4.5DM for the simple fact that I was unable to back up my device (not always but sometimes). 4.5DM has been the most stable for me....
    02-11-09 08:43 PM
  17. TheMisses's Avatar
    That same reason caused me to try out 4.6 yesterday. No luck. I cleaned up a lot of mails and now its ok with backing up.

    Whatever is wrong, its pretty sad.
    02-12-09 08:06 AM
  18. compressor's Avatar
    I donwloaded it last night and installed and mine says build 32.

    It installed with errors on my desktop but was fine on my laptop.
    Re-installed on the desktop and got errors again.

    (p.s. lurking for a long time, first post)
    02-12-09 08:58 AM
  19. markdental's Avatar
    I updated mine last night and it has been running error-free.
    02-12-09 09:10 AM
  20. spacemanspiff's Avatar
    I updated this morning to Build 50 and restarted the computer and DM and it still says Build 32. Oh well.
    02-12-09 10:45 AM