1. aem815's Avatar
    is there anythign wrong with doing my update through the desktop manager?

    i'm not good with my phone so i don't know how to do anything. i've tried reading the threads but it's confusing
    05-31-09 01:04 AM
  2. Stang68's Avatar
    Well since you don't know much about the phone, I would just update OTA (over the air). Verizon will eventually message you saying "this is how you OTA update". Or, tmw starting at 10pm you can go to Options>Advanced Options>Wireless Upgrade. Very simple.

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    05-31-09 01:10 AM
  3. aem815's Avatar
    so would i need to back anything up or do anything special with it?

    i hate being so clueless

    i'm also a little afraid of the upgrade being worse. i think i'm on .75. what do you think?

    thanks so much
    05-31-09 01:12 AM
  4. ArmaK's Avatar
    Yes, it is always wise to do a backup of your device and 3rd party apps just in case. Also make sure that your device is fully charged and if possible plugged into an outlet before attempting the OTA update.

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    05-31-09 01:18 AM