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    I recorded a video just to see how it would turn out and when I tried to play the video it said it was an unsupported file type. How is that possible? I recorded it from the phone. The file is a .3gp vid. Do I have to put it on my notebook and than convert it over to .mp4 just to watch it?

    Also I am putting music on my Storm from Rhapsody and i'm getting the same error. The file type for one of the songs is .wma.rem. What is the .rem? It is protected. Do I have to purchase songs before I can move them over? I find that lame since I am already paying for the subscription as it is.
    03-06-09 05:14 AM
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    The Video recording thing can happen sometimes, What OS version are you running?

    And yes you'd have to purchase the songs from Rhapsody, the subscription based music only plays on certain "supported" devices, you have to pay whatever the fee is to actually own the rights to use the song before you can use it on your blackberry. I think there's a way to use Rhapsody to-go music through VCast, but someone would have to clear that up as I have no diea.
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    03-06-09 05:38 AM
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    I'm running v4.5.0.75. I'm using Rhapsody on my notebook right now. I haven't been on the app on my BB yet.
    03-06-09 05:48 AM
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    No one else has any ideas with the vid recording not playing?

    To buy a single song on VCast on my phone is $1.99. It is .99 on my computer. So I took vcast off my bb. I'll just keep getting songs the way I was. Just thought I would check it out.
    03-07-09 06:39 AM