1. L30's Avatar
    Hey guys, so I just had a temporary freak-out involving my storm. For some reason, the screen of my blackberry was non responsive to clicking, every physical button worked but the screen simply would not respond to the touch. Some people suggested I pull the battery or reinstall specific software, nothing worked. Now I've seen other posts of people with a similar issue who have had to order new phones or send them in for repair, etc.

    The Fix:
    - Air Canister: All I did was take a canister of air, normally used to clean dust off computer hardware, I simply put the nozzle as close to openings in the case without unscrewing anything or voiding any warranties, etc. and blasted away. At first this didn't fix the problem, but through sheer perseverance did my screen begin to operate once again.

    - Why did this work?: I would imagine, as some others have hinted, that the unresponsive behavior is the result of dust build-up behind the screen itself, interrupting connections necessary in the touch-screen process. Simply blasting this away removing the problem. But I'm not sure about this at all, and this process might not work for everyone but I know it worked for me and I didn't see anyone else post it anywhere so here it is!

    Good Luck!
    02-22-09 01:26 AM
  2. RobertL's Avatar
    If it was dust build up that is causing the unresponsive screen... why would a battery pull fix the problem? does a battery pull also remove the dust build up behind the screen? also the storm is fairly new, Im not sure how much dust is building up back there this soon....
    02-22-09 02:33 AM
  3. element3g's Avatar
    do you keep your phone in a case,pouch or your pocket?
    02-22-09 02:52 AM
  4. TheChampJT's Avatar
    I'd think using that would do more harm.
    02-22-09 02:55 AM
  5. L30's Avatar
    I figured it was dust build up after the fact, originally I thought it might be a software problem. But thanks for the kind response Robert. I've had it since the start of the year, so only a little more than a month, but apparently the air canister did the trick.

    Element, i keep it either in my pocket or on my desk normally. However it was working the night before, then throughout the night as I left it, it ran out of power and died. upon powerup the problem began, and I attempted multiple methods for solution with no avail.

    Champ, air canisters that are sold for the purpose of cleaning hardware typically wouldn't cause harm to said hardware unless you accidentally allowed it to shoot out the chemical inside the can onto the hardware through improper usage.
    02-22-09 03:25 AM
  6. armychris28210's Avatar
    it may have cooled down the storm. thse things can get warm. locking up does happen from heat. a battery pull also removes the heat for a bit, allowing it to cool down. do maybe it wasnt dust, but the cool air coulve helped.
    02-22-09 04:49 PM
  7. Ultrafied's Avatar
    Next time, don't freak. Simply pull the battery out, let it sit for a couple of seconds, reinsert the battery and all will be fine. This happens from time to time. My wife had hers do it for the 1st time last night. Mine still hasn't done it, but others have reported it.
    02-22-09 06:12 PM