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    ok i pretty much got everything working but since ive updated the device the internet is deathly slow.. i dont use mms so idk if its working.. but my question is, how do i get the BB pin unlocked? i've called RIM they say its been unlocked but AT&T says it wont register on their system and when i try to register it on BIS it says its registered to another carrier... anyone gimme any pointers plz?

    and any idea y my internet has slowed down after the update? could it be cause i have regular wap and not BB data plan?
    02-23-09 01:52 AM
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    anyone? i mean i followed all the how to's and such
    02-23-09 11:29 AM
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    if you want faster internet

    then go get a Verizon plan

    02-23-09 12:20 PM
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    haha that was a good one sir... anyway.. the speeds im getting arent edge or gprs is wut im getting at... this has nothing to do with wut carrier or wutever, the phone was working fine before i upgraded the OS but i dont think thats the issue idk
    02-23-09 01:04 PM
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    why!? Just get an iPhone if you're on AT&T! I've had the Storm on Verizon for almost 2 and I'm deactivating it and going back to the Curve, this phone is not worth unlocking and going to another carrier.
    02-23-09 01:39 PM
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    lol i know that... i have an iphone and a g1 im just playin around wit this phone.. but either way the internet should be comparable to that of the g1 since they both only run on edge but they dont compare at all
    02-23-09 01:42 PM
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    anyone? again lol
    02-23-09 08:02 PM
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    Try bolt browser loads pages extemely faster than standard browser.

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    02-24-09 05:35 AM
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    I have my storm on AT&T and I like it. Sure it is on the EDGE network but to me that doesn't matter. I can surf the net just like I want to just fine.

    I use Opera Mini and it scoots along just fine. I have not tried Bolt, but it could be worth a shot.

    So many haters on here, to each their own. If you like your phone, great, use it.

    As far as the PIN goes, if someone has previously owned the phone, they need to contact Verizon to have the PIN released. Or, you can call Verizon yourself and say you just bought the phone but the person you bought it from didn't release the PIN, they should be able to release it for you. Make sure you don't call from the phone you are trying to fix, they might need info behind the battery. Just in case.

    Until you get the PIN released, things could be a little slow until then. Here are some links that will help! You also want to make sure that AT&T has the IMEI number and the PIN as well so they can get that all squared on your account.



    Unlike "The Godfather" up there, some of us are here to help and not make useless comments of their own opinions. Hope this helps. Have a great day!

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    02-24-09 06:50 AM