1. wyabcp's Avatar
    I took the risk of buying a locked storm on eBay with the intention of using it on O2, all looked fine with the device, and I managed to unlock it without any problems, so panic over.... as I thought... however after plugging the power adaptor in to charge it up , I found the clock would flash on and off, and the little bolt on the battery charge wouldn't stay on.
    I was a little worried that the device I'd brought had a faulty connector, to make sure I tested the charge by using the usb cable, fortunately all looked ok. This left me with a suspected faulty mains charger. I took it down to the local Vodafone shop, and asked if they could test it for me, as I had just brought the storm for my wife and she was worried the phone was faulty.
    Anyway they tested it and found that it was indeed dead, without hesitation they apologised and got me a brand new charger to take away.
    Good old Vodafone.
    02-14-09 11:26 AM