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    I am sorry if anyone had been asking the same question. But I have been on internet for several hours a day ever since I got my unlockedBB from US (new one off e-bay) to Canada to use with my FIDO. I have been going EEEEEEHHHEHEHEHEH!
    So here are part of my problems...

    -I inserted my SIM, and I cannot use SMS.
    -I tried to call fido, but by hitting 611, I was connected to Telus.
    -I was unable to call fido through their number from my BB since I always hear "this number is not in use"
    -I was unable to register my BB using Host Routing Table thingy, and I received no response whatsoever

    ...etcetra. I love my BB, but if it cannot be used, what should I do!?

    Oh, and, are the PIN in my phone (>option>status) and PIN on the box different?
    I was so confused. I really really appreciate your help. Cheers.
    06-22-10 12:46 PM