1. blondeneedshelp's Avatar
    I hope someone can help me! I have hit my head against hte wall for the last few days trying to make my unlocked (from Vodafone UK) Storm work with various sim cards.

    the call/sms function works but nothing to do with BB does. The host Routing tells me "Registration Message sent" and nothing happens. gprs shows up in small letters. When i try to register on BIS it asks me to try host routing and if the problem persists to contact my provider. all web-realted applications tell me to "... contact provider to enable the Browser on your device".

    Do these symptoms make any sense?! What coudl the solution be? I am so desperate at this point... But can only take out a pay-as-you-go sim whereas Vodafone won't let me have push email on that.

    Tech help at 3 told me to "buzz" off with a non-3 device, Orange have told me to get settings over Air from Vodafone. Which they do not offer for Storm (or I could not find). Vicious circle!!! Please help...

    Alisa the blonde (literally and with BB's)
    10-27-09 07:49 AM
  2. peachy1903's Avatar
    Ive got same problem!
    07-08-10 10:21 AM