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    im having a problem with my unlocked storm. i got it yesterday, and it is unlocked, but i still have all of the old owners contacts, etc. i put my tmobile sim in the storm, but it is still running on verizon. i tried to update the os and i keep getting "fatal error occured while updateing" any help would be great. i can make calls on the phone when my sim is inserted.

    08-11-09 02:27 PM
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    did you go to manage connections then go to mobile network options and change the network technology from 1XEV to GSM/UMTS? also, the contacts being there is the previous owners stupidity for selling the phone and not wiping it. switch what i said in manage connections and it takes like 15 seconds. you will see at the top it will have no signal then it will say SOS then it will say T-Mobile.

    Edit: then after you can make a call through the tmobile service, search the forums for how to get service books sent to tmobile from a storm. There are plenty of threads describing that
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    08-11-09 03:30 PM
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    thanks i got it, i just need to update the os system. im new at this bb stuff. from what i read on the forums i know that my os is old. its .75 any sugesstions on which os i should go with?
    08-11-09 05:40 PM
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    .151 best out there don't fall into all that hybrid b.s. And no 5.0.140 don't mess with 5.0 till its ready the one floating around is no good

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    08-11-09 06:13 PM