1. anon(835884)'s Avatar
    What is the best OS for a unlocked 9550 running on AT&T?? The phone seems to be working fine except it bounces for EDGE, edge, GPRS and gprs. Ive searched all over the web but couldn't fine a complete answer...

    Also in Options>Status it says i dont have an IP address - is this some thing i need to be worried about?? The browser works fine (for a blackberry...) and i got the email to work even tho i couldnt keep the AT&T pushed apps to stay on the device.
    05-07-10 03:27 PM
  2. Blacklac's Avatar
    .517 works great for me, unless I try to stream from Pandora, Slacker, FLycast, etc... then I drop to edge. All other times i hold EDGE perfectly.

    It is the only OS i have tried though...

    I only have the IP address on that screen if I'm connected to Wifi.
    05-07-10 03:29 PM
  3. anon(835884)'s Avatar
    So .517 doesn't bounce in and out of EDGE at all??

    Right now I'm running 'Alexander Ekin 9550 shrunk Hybrids V662' which works great except for the bouncing...
    05-07-10 03:39 PM
  4. Blacklac's Avatar
    for me, it does not. I hold EDGE very well.

    I could be wrong, but with hybrids, I believe the base is the only part that will effect your signal. I think the hybrid files are just application files and browser and such.
    05-07-10 03:48 PM
  5. anon(835884)'s Avatar
    The hybrid I'm running now is based off .607.

    I'm going to try the official OS you recommended and see what happens-I has looking around for the Hybrid (in your signature) but didn't have any luck...
    05-07-10 03:59 PM
  6. Blacklac's Avatar
    It was by Lyricidal. I moved on to a .517/.669 Lyricidal Hybrid. I just updated my sig.

    Here is a link to the .517/.669 hybrid:

    9550/9520 - .669 Hybrid Findings and Fixes

    also, in this forum a couple posts down, you will see OOAKDPC posted a new hybrid with .676 Java files. I've always had great luck with his builds. I used his .517/.591 and .517/.643 and the memory management was incredible. I could go a full day of heavy use and not drop a full 1MB in memory. Unfortunetly, I still seek excellent battery life. I think a need a whole new base OS for that. No matter what hybrid I load, I get similar battery life.
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    05-07-10 04:05 PM
  7. anon(835884)'s Avatar
    Thanks for the tips 'Blacklac' !!

    On your Storm does the pushed AT&T apps stay on the device OR does it even matter??
    05-07-10 04:15 PM
  8. Blacklac's Avatar
    Actually I do not have any pushed app on my phone. I don't really know why, but i wont complain either. Everything seems to work fine so... The pushed Apps are just Download Links anyways.
    05-07-10 04:24 PM
  9. rgood0192's Avatar
    I used .320 AND .517 with the Storm 2 on AT&T and they were both making me constantly be in edge...I changed to .607 and stay on EDGE
    05-07-10 07:27 PM
  10. half_pass's Avatar
    Does your mms function work?

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    05-13-10 10:30 AM
  11. badestkid's Avatar

    i have an unlocked blackberry storm 2 and i use it for ATT and i set up the service book and put in the correct cingular setting for MMS, it say i need to pay to recieve MMS, i dont have a data plan on it. does the blackberry need a data plan to recieve MMS?
    07-12-10 07:46 PM