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    I just got my phone setup up with att the other day. Sitting at home for a full day and everything was fine. I go out tonight and I cannot hold EDGE. It keeps dropping to edge. Of I turn connections off and back on I. An hold data as long as I need it, but if I holster my phone and grab it again, it's back to edge. I am now back at home on Wifi and I have no problem holding full EDGE. I am on .517. Any suggestions??

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    04-17-10 03:07 AM
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    Welcome to my world haha.... Just download opera mini that browser works when its on edge

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    04-17-10 05:20 AM
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    I'm using an unlocked storm2 on T-mobile and was also having this problem. I fixed it by logging onto mytmobile and resending the service books and re-registering under the Host Routing Table. My EDGE has been pretty stable ever since.
    04-17-10 09:56 AM
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    Ok, I will try resending the service books next time it happens. Ever since I have been home in Wifi I have no issues dropping to edge. I did turn Wifi off when I went out, maybe that played a roll. I did do the host routing table, that alone didn't seem to help. Thanks for the suggestions. If anyone else has any I would love to hear them.

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    04-17-10 11:44 AM
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    I am noticing when I use Flycast, Slacker or Pandora to stream over EDGE, my signal quickly drops to edge but yet it streams fine, except I cannot do anything else that uses data. If i close them back out, it will go back to EDGE.

    Also, i noticed when I go into Shazam, Settings - Network Status -

    Radio - CDMA with Data/Voice (I am of course connected to AT&T EDGE.)

    Can be used? Yes

    Network - AT&T
    Have WAP2 service book? - No
    Using WAP2? - No

    Profiles for 310 - 009:0
    Can be used? - No

    Success! Can connect to the internet using your network.

    I am using the newest version, 2.5.1, and I don't remember seeing the red "no' connections on my Bold 9000. Do you unlocked guys have this, or could this be part of my data issue?

    For the most part, my EDGE is now holding, except when I stream.
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    04-21-10 11:30 PM
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    Go to Options / Advanced Options / TCP/IP and make sure the VZW APN setting is disabled.

    My BIS connection got way more stable after removing that preset.
    04-22-10 10:07 AM
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    Yeah, I did change that to the att setting. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I might try a .607 hybrid tonight. I've only used .517 based so far.

    I get awful battery life too. Like 6-9% discharge per hour with only messaging and some browsing. I have done all the battery "tips" too.
    04-22-10 10:51 AM