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    I'm just looking to get pointed in the right direction. I have a Storm 2 9550 unlocked from Verizon using a T-mobile SIM. I have a unlimited data BB plan. Almost everything on my phone works: AIM, MMS, Browser(the "web2go" browser icon appeared on my homescreen when I first put in the SIM, as long as I use it the web works, Facebook App..etc) Only problem I'm having is the EDGE switching to edge when I try use a internet app like the browser or Pandora, I think the slow edge speeds are preventing Pandora from working.

    All I want to know is which solution is right for me. Do I have to do the t-mobile service books or something else? Most threads say that doing so fixes the browser and MMS but you lose AIM and other functionality. Do I have to sacrifice those features to get EDGE to stay on, or is there some other fix I should try?

    The only thing I don't care about is getting e-mails on my phone, I wouldn't care if I lost that feature.

    Sorry for the long post, thanks for taking the time to read it and I appreciate any help I can get.
    06-29-10 02:42 PM
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    Which aim app are you using? Is it the original one that comes with tmobile's service books? Mines is also unlocked but I don't have the orignal aim app. I'm using beejive which is also good.

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    06-29-10 06:01 PM
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    Your not gonna get EDGE to work right. That's the bottom line. If somebody claims that its staying in all caps their mistaken. Can't speak for Verizon camp but running the storm 2 on Tmo is like having an old car you always have to tinker with. I've been running it on Tmo since December. Every feature has always worked for me except web2go. Which started to appear at the beginning of June when a lot of peoples phones died. That being said my internet is like a yo-yo sometimes its fast EDGE and sometimes its slow edge or gprs and I can be in the same spot. If somebody claims to have fixed this call there bluff and have them video there phone with EDGE for 5 mins and post on youtube.

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    06-29-10 11:25 PM
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    Im running .713 stock the apps that dont work for me Is app world, Pandora , an mini-opera.

    what tbonenga is more like an opinion not advice or help, care with that.

    My working apps are facebook, bolt browser, BB browser, BBM, ProTranslate Lite, Thats all i have tested so far.

    APN setting: epc.tmobile.com

    LlQUlDXTC Try Downloading the Latest Hybrid. that should solve your EDGE Issue. it has work for me in the past when i had a S1. Ive only had a S2 for a week "new" so i haven't had time to really personalize it or test apps, oneofakind makes fast hybrids. the only app that wont ever work is App World just to let you know. every other App should run fine under a hybrid its worth a shot from my experience it has worked in the past for me. no lie
    06-30-10 09:19 PM
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    Downgrading an OS could also stabilize online using app. many more to be testing an time consuming, get back with you another day.
    06-30-10 09:22 PM
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    Sorry pp.. but in my understanding...if you have subscribed to BIS/BES from your local telco, you are suppose to use EDGE for better data experience!

    if you see a lower case "edge"...please seek your local telco for settings...edge and EDGE is different!!!! switching the networks makes your phone a crap and having problems with apps...make sure all your apps uses BIS or WIFI only....same goes for 3G and 3g....3G is the one!

    To make it simple for all... below is the recommended network you MUST USE.

    1. 3G
    2. GPRS
    3. EDGE

    NOT RECOMMENDED - possible wrong APN or TCP/IP or apps settings
    1. 3g
    2. gprs
    3. edge

    e.g. if you been running fine with EDGE....all because you have an apps uses another APN settings...it switches your phone networks...now it run edge....so whatever apps thats suppose to run EDGE will have problems!!!
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    06-30-10 09:34 PM
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    I'm running .713 OS and all apps work great for me always have. App world / pandoora / opera mini / bolt. I've had the correct apn settings for Tmo since day one and updated to every new os that's come out. I even have tele nav. And the Verizon navigation running for free. I never lost service when some people did at the beginning of the month. The only thing that happened to me is the web2go icon appeared. EDGE / edge / gprs. Will rotate on your phone. There's been times when it stayed EDGE for a while. Just keep looking you will see edge eventually. The problem is Tmobile DOES NOT HAVE STORM SERVICE BOOKS.. They send you a different blackberry service book that works but creates the edge problem. I spent several hours on the phone with Tmo and they forwarded me to RIM. The bottom line Verizon has a exclusive right to the storm in the US so Tmo can't get official service books. That my friend is a FACT NOT A OPINION. Bottom line standing in the same spot sometimes your internet will be faster than other times.

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    06-30-10 11:29 PM
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    The problem is Tmobile DOES NOT HAVE STORM SERVICE BOOKS..
    Can share what do u see under Option>Advance Options>Host Routing Table>????? Click and expand...do u see any APN? What it says?
    06-30-10 11:39 PM
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    It says epc.Tmobile.com the same thing all Tmobile blackberry service books say. FACT Tmobile does not have the storm 9550 service books. Tmobile sends you the 8800 service books. That's why you will always have the EDGE/edge issue. If you have any doubts from a Tmobile phone call 611 / say English / say blackberry / say yes. When the Tmobile pda/blackberry rep gets on the phone ask what service books they have for the storm 9550 and then you can confirm its the 8800 in your next post.

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    07-01-10 04:51 PM
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    07-01-10 07:54 PM
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    yo, off the subject! Spamming! ^^ thread above not to formal, more words being opinionated as i read, old news.
    07-01-10 11:21 PM
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    Yeah this thread should be closed. Everybody now knows a storm 2 will have EDGE / edge issues as long as Verizon has exclusive rights to the storm in the US. If Tmobile ever sells the storm in the US ( Tmobile UK does sell it ) they will legally be allowed to give the storm service books ( not a sub that works with minor issues ) and fix all the lil issues.

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    07-02-10 02:59 AM