1. Husker4theSpurs's Avatar
    OK guys ... for some reason my Storm won't allow me to text in landscape anymore. It seems to correlate with after I downloaded a few aps today which don't function in landscape (turning the phone doesn't change them), but I'm not sure of that.

    If I turn the phone on it's side (landscape) and the home screen is fine in landscape ... as soon as I open "SMS and MMS" the page opens in portrait. One other thing I changed earlier was from SureType to full keyboard in portrait mode, but have since changed that back ... still doesn't fix my texting problem. As soon as I exit the SMS/MMS (which is facing the opposite way = portrait) while still holding the phone in landscape, the home screen shows up in landscape, the correct way.

    Any ideas of what my problem might be?

    Thanks in advance!
    05-16-09 09:08 PM
  2. Husker4theSpurs's Avatar
    Battery pull fixed it ... sorry for the bother. Strange though, no?
    05-16-09 09:15 PM
  3. Transfigured's Avatar
    Was just about 2 suggest! I saw 2-3 threads on problem this week. Idk what provokes but u have the fix!
    05-16-09 09:27 PM
  4. wayfr's Avatar
    No not really. You'd be surprised at the multitude of problems a simple reset will fix.

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    05-16-09 09:43 PM
  5. CSSVT's Avatar
    Friend of mine is on .75 and had this same problem a few weeks back.....I need to get her on CB. I pulled the battery and she thinks I'm a miracle worker now.
    05-16-09 09:51 PM