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    ok here it is....
    im running an unlocked vzw 9530 on tmo. ive had the thing for a few months now with no issues. a couple of weeks ago i installed .141/5.0 from lyricidal, again with no issues. the phone has functioned completely normal both before and after that installation. i got a voicemail notification last night and for the first time ever i cant check my voicemail. i can call any other number without a problem and recieve calls too. also i can check my voicemail but only from another cell or from landline. i called tmo support last night and they gave me a few things to check, all of which i had checked before calling, but to no avail. they did however say that the sim card may be faulty. is that even possible? ive been using the same sim card for approximately 3 1/2 years. do they wear out all by themselves out of the blue? what gives? thanks in advance for your help and thanks again if you know what the problem is. -E-
    05-23-09 05:23 PM
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    Idk. Aside from checking out storm OS threads, i wd go w/tmo.
    05-24-09 01:00 AM