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    All the posts I've read plus years of carrying other phones says the Ultimate Holster for me would :

    1) Look good with jeans and a T-shirt or some stylin' clothes at a funky restaurant; I'm definitely thinking leather but could be flexible - and yes this is possible

    2) Secure the phone well but allow for rapid access/removal

    3) Ideally have a removable clip so it can function strictly as a protective case

    4) Add very little bulk or weight when being used as a protective case

    5) Not cover the LED, the speaker, microphone or volume control (Using BB Alert, and after all, it is supposed to be a good MP-3 player, no?)

    6) Support sleep mode

    7) Transmit vibration well

    I'm, thinking a pocket holster I remove the phone from is where I'm headed. And much of the time the phone will ride naked in my pocket.

    The Fortte line look good, but I think get disqualified by #5 (Leather case for BlackBerry Storm). The Innocase line looks good, but I bought the phone because of its looks and size - why cover it all up??? And I'm not big on that clip at the top - functionally fantastic, esthetically not so great.

    Any recommendations?

    TIA - R.
    02-23-09 09:23 PM
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    02-24-09 12:52 AM