1. samgizmopat's Avatar
    Can someone please help me!I need to download a OTA UCWeb BROWSER so I can download large files direct to my storm 9500 and it needs to be English language, the trouble is when I download one from wap ucweb.com the text shows as small squares and I can't obviously read the menu etc,basically all as I need is a site I can download OTA A UCWEB BROWSER IN ENGLISH AND THE MENU ETC IS IN READABLE ENGLISH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

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    02-28-10 07:15 AM
  2. CDMAberry's Avatar
    if you don't know Chinese. you'd better use the opera browser,it is a good browser, ucweb is 'made in China'.you should know Chinese.just google itpera
    06-23-10 10:29 PM