05-26-09 08:09 AM
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  1. tonyrodia's Avatar
    amazing work . but twitter... come on guys... its for businesses to get more attention is it not?
    05-11-09 02:08 PM
  2. toomuchgame441's Avatar
    They definitely have to fix some bugs w/ UT, it drains batteries and doesn't update automatically all the time.

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    05-14-09 01:31 AM
  3. CubfanBU's Avatar
    so do you have to have UberTwitter running in the background to get notifications (every 3o minutes in my case) or can you exit out to save battery and memory?
    05-21-09 04:57 PM
  4. djstarion's Avatar
    I'm hoping eventually you can use TwitPic w/ UberTwitter. And you can exit out of UT just hit the BB button and select Exit
    05-22-09 11:06 AM
  5. Matt_AC's Avatar
    I'm hoping eventually you can use TwitPic w/ UberTwitter.
    You don't need to, because it uses its own site - mypict.me. When you are composing a tweet, you can click the BlackBerry menu and select the option to take a picture. It switches to your camera, you take the photograph, and then it automatically reverts back to your tweet with a photo auto-linked. It takes up some of your 140 characters. This is one I took from today, for an example of how the interface looks:


    And this is what the content of the tweet itself was reflected:

    "Testing the picture capability. Amy's mom's unreal yard. http://mypict.me/show.php?id=1AhO"

    It's extremely convenient. It even includes a background Google map of your location where you took the photograph if you have it enabled (I did not, at the time).
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    05-25-09 12:39 AM
  6. gregal's Avatar
    Not sure which of many forums to put this in so I'll start here. Got a replacement Storm today and when I restored Ubertwitter, no sounds or LED.
    Checked my option and I have sound enabled. Several battery pulls, remove and reinstall 2ce....
    Finally downloaded Twitterberry to use temp while waiting for response to my Ubertwitter feedback - and sound and LED work.
    Funny thing is...under profiles, others appears nowhere and neither Ubertwitter (still no sound) nor Twitterberry (sound) are there!!
    I have a Storm with .148.
    Any help/ideas/suggestions? (Reported to Ubertwitter.)

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    05-26-09 08:09 AM
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