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    Just got the storm today.. Pretty sweet phone however.. and this is a big however.. the typing is a dissapointment. Now dont blast me for saying this.. i think the storm is an awsome product, but being that you have to click the whole screen to type one letter, it cuts down on my text speed by quite abit. I consider my self a super fast texter and the screen does limit me to how fast i can type. If you dont know what im talking about then you just have to go to a store and type on it for youself. I would consider this a problem only for people who type fast. If you are a slow typer, then you will have no problem with the device. But for a phone that is meant to be typed on all day, it kinda sucks.

    SOOO.. here is my question..

    During texting.. Can you tell the phone to register taps instead of "pushes".. this would bring my typing speed back up to 100 % and i would be 100% happy..
    11-21-08 02:30 PM