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    I'll do my best to explain this.. btw I'm running .75

    So, when I'm texting or writing anything with the keyboard/multitap I experience this problem where the flashing vertical bar (the one indicating the current placement of what you are typing) moves from the end of what I'm typing to somewhere in the middle of what I've wrote. This happens while I'm typing on the keyboard and I'm in no way touching the other parts of the screen. Really annoying because then it takes me a good ten seconds to get the storm to accurately pick up when Im trying to get the flashing bar to move back to the end of my message.

    anyone have this happen to them? any fix to this?
    01-25-09 01:33 AM
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    I've been experiencing that and don't know why...it is annoying! I'm runnin .75 too!

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    01-25-09 01:45 AM
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    Same here on .75. I have experimented with the swipe sensitivity and have found that's possibly where it starts. I hadn't posted this before since I hadn't seen it experienced by anyone else but me, not at least questioned about so succinctly. Here's why...

    When you are typing and hovering your thumbs above the screen, if you have to type something where you have to hit a key on the top row and then the bottom row, your thumb is 'swiping' down and the keyboard momentarily disappears. Your next thumb movement moves the cursor, and then the keyboard reappears. This all happens very quickly. A VZ tech and myself duplicated this many times in the store. We tried to 'recreate' it by typing recreate (SureType keboard in portrait mode), and that did it. (R/E key to C/V caused the down-swipe) and 'minute' did the same thing.

    I backed the sensitivity down to 4 at first, then three, and haven't had this issue since. I had to experiment with it a little bit, and make sure than my thumbs weren't hovering over the screen so it wouldn't activate the 'swipe' so to speak. I thought it was a hardware issue with the phone, but after adjusting the setting I haven't experienced that again.

    The swipe sensitivity setting is the culprit here, at least in my case, since you can swipe up or down to make the keyboard appear/disappear. I know it doesn't seem to make sense because the keyboard reappears without a swipe up, so it might be a combination of sensitivity settings and software in .75.
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    01-25-09 07:14 AM