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    Hi everyone,

    Well....I ended up getting 2 replacements in 1 WEEK.

    I got my first Storm a few days after it launched in November.

    Replacement # 1: I take responsibility for this one. I downloaded Google Maps, Aerize Alerts, and Slacker. I also upgraded to OS .99. I believe one of these apps caused my phone to freeze. I started having problems with BBM, Phone Options, Email/SMS/MMS, all of it freezing and having errors connected to them. I deleted the apps, but I was still getting errors. After reading Crucial Xtreme's thread on how to wipe the phone and reinstall the OS, I decided to try JM Cmder. I was successful in completely wiping the phone; however Desktop Manager no longer recognized my PIN while the phone itself was able to connect to the PC. I received Reinstall Software Error 507. I tried everything, even downloading DM to other PCs and trying to connect, to no avail. I'm sure there were other ways to get it to connect, but I couldn't figure it out. I called Verizon and the CS rep placed an order for me to get a replacement. The problems started happening with the apps on February 5th. The DM error and replacement order occurred February 6th. I was told that FedEx doesn't deliver on the weekends, and didn't get the replacement until February 9th.

    Replacement #2: I seriously don't know how this happened. I connected it to DM and there was a message saying that there were updates to several of the pre-install apps. I decided to update them. DM recognized my phone and started to update. I looked down to write something on a piece of paper, looked back up, and saw on the PC screen that an error had occurred and DM stopped updating. I looked at my phone's screen. It was black. I pressed on the screen and noticed that it had been turned off (probably due to the updating, I thought). I disconnected the phone and did a battery pull and noticed that the screen wouldn't come back on, and the red LED light was flashing continuously. I walked (ran, really) to Verizon and the technician thought initially that it was a battery problem. The battery was fine. After some time of trying to figure out what was wrong, the tech offered to put in a replacement order. At first, I was not happy about that, then he mentioned to me that if I wanted to pay $20, I could get replacement #2 the next day. I decided to do that because last weekend sucked without a phone. I didn't have a spare Verizon phone to use. This all happened February 13th.

    I don't know if this is a rant or not, but I just wanted to let everyone know of my experience. I'm pretty sure that all of this could have been avoided, so if anyone has any tips that have worked for them (especially for DM), that would be really great to know about. Hopefully this is the last replacement I will get because I really like this phone. It just makes me nervous about upgrading to OS's and downloading 3rd party apps now. I hate to say it, but I think it could have been related to OS .99 and how my phone responded to it. It was working perfectly until I decided to try out the new apps.

    Now I need to hurry up and ship these phones back before Verizon decides to charge me for them!
    02-14-09 12:25 PM
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    "Reinstall Software Error 507" is normal buddy... u gotta be doing something wrong
    02-14-09 09:35 PM