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    I want to buy a pre paid sim card for my 9530 on att.Reason why I want to have my number with att but i dont want too many of my work contacts to have it.I want to et a pre paid sim card so i can use that number for work? can anyone help me find a nice place to buy a sim card that isnt too pricy? also is it possible to do this????? i think it shuld work but ive been wrong before please help me out guys thanks a bunch
    07-19-10 02:15 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    Why not just use GoogleVoice?

    It will sort of work though... You would need to switch the cards each time you want to use it though if your Storm is on a contract plan with Att. Which would be a pain. But you could just go into a Att store and purchase a prepaid SIM.

    There's no way for your phone to be active on both numbers at the same time. That's why GoogleVoice would be perfect for you, one phone with many numbers.
    07-19-10 02:35 PM
  3. sk8trix's Avatar
    Is google voice a paid service?
    Well i would use the pre paid Sim at work but i rather not deal with work related phone calls at home.
    What do you think is best?

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    07-19-10 03:07 PM
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    All you need for GoogleVoice is a gmail account, but everything is free.

    Check out GoogleVoice and it's list of features, it might be the perfect thing for you.

    If you don't want to deal with work calls at home then having a prepaid SIM will work great for you. But...

    Your family would then need to contact you on your work SIM during the day then because you other SIM wouldn't be active. Also, having just the prepaid SIM would limit you to calls and texts, email, BBM, and other data applications would be unusable.

    I haven't tried GoogleVoice at all, but I would guess you can limit phone calls to certain times of the day. So your work calls would probably go to voicemail when your not working.

    I would give GoogleVoice a try first, it's free so you don't have much to lose. If you don't like it then you can look into a prepaid SIM. I just think the prepaid option would be very restrictive in a BlackBerry.
    07-19-10 03:31 PM
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    Thanks for breaking it down its good to know that i have two choices both having their own bemefits.apreciated much man will look into this google voice app and if its out for the 9530

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    07-19-10 03:36 PM
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    Why does google voice tell me service is unavalable outside the US.i sign in and im in NJ it shouldnt be doing this !

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    07-19-10 07:13 PM
  7. sk8trix's Avatar
    I did the google voice account.I gotta say it worked out better than I had expected.The only thing that I guess is funny is the outgoing calls but way better than spending money on another SIM card.Now I have two numbers set up for different groups of people.
    07-20-10 02:01 PM