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    I've been using Twitterberry for a while now. It works pretty much the same on my storm as it did on my 8703e, which is to say it was functional but lacked some features I would've liked to see.

    Most glaringly missing, IMHO, is automatic conversion of long links into tinyurl links... Something that used to happen when adding links to tweets in the web version of twitter, but doesn't seem to work now.

    This problem ended up having a fairly easy solution, though if I could skip it, that would be great. I installed bit.lify onto my storm, which inserts a 'send to bit.ly' option in your BB menu for webpages you visit. From there you can send to SMS, email or just copy it to clipboard. This works well enough, but the app seems to always run... do'nt know what it's doing in terms of its memory usage, but if I could get rid of it I would. So fine, that problem is taken care of, but new solutions would be nice.

    Now my problem is posting to and accessing my delicious bookmarks via storm. I've tried the Opera and Bolt browsers, neither of which are very appealing to me in their current state. The native BB browser does'nt seem to be able to access it correctly either. As I recall, though I can't test right now because I get no reception in my office, I was eventually able to view my delicious book marks, but not sign in. This didn't really help because I wasn't able to select my bookmarks to copy their URLs, which was part of the point. So my problem with delicious is two fold: how do I send links to delicious, and how do I view them? On my 8703e, I was able to copy the 'send to delicious' bookmark from my PC to my email, and make a new bookmark in Opera. That may still be possible on the Storm, but I'd prefer to use BB browser; the catch is that there doesn't seem to be a way to paste text into a bookmark... essentially, the only thing I can bookmark are pages I can visit.
    04-01-09 12:28 PM