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    Hi all. I tried a search but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I'm taking a trip to the Caribbean and while I'm on the plane and out of the country, I only want to use the phone for the camera, memos, games... So when I turn on the phone I don't want to incurr any data/phone charges.

    How do I turn this capability off? Is it: Options> Mobile Network then turn "Data Services" and "While Roaming" off?

    or: Manage Connections> Turn All Connectioins Off; or something else?

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but GPS uses satallite, not data (unless it's used with Google or BB maps) so this won't be a problem?

    I have a Storm1 and Verizon.

    Thanks for your help!
    04-21-10 08:51 AM
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    I went to the Bahamas last month and I just turned the data services completely off when I turned the phone off on the last plane. Verizon suggested updating your roaming capabilities within the network before leaving the country so I did that. When I turned the data back on after landing in the US, then the hundreds of messages came through. But I knew about them as I checked my email from the laptop in the hotel.

    So I just did it through Manage Connections -> Mobile Network Options -> Data Services -> Off. Off While Roaming should do the same effective thing, but I felt better with it completely off. If you Turn All Connections Off, you'll disconnect from the phone network so don't do that.

    As for GPS, it won't work (I did try it on the shuttle bus with my data off). There are no maps stored on the device so you'd need data services for this to work.

    Have fun!
    04-21-10 11:09 AM
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    This helps... Thanks!
    04-21-10 12:19 PM